Mary Kate McKenna Photography is 12 Years Old!

Thank You.

March 2016 marks twelve years of Mary Kate McKenna Photography. Twelve. Years. It is so surreal to type that. 

Sometimes I still feel like that girl building a website with photos I’d taken while babysitting in my dorm room in DC.

Sometimes I still feel like that recent graduate in a small one bedroom apartment working a full time job who came home at 5pm to grind out a few hours of editing and emails and eat a Lean Cuisine.

Sometimes I still feel like that girl who decided to move out of the city, who wondered, as she watched the moving truck with all her worldly possessions make its way up 270, if she had just made a huge mistake or was beginning an exciting new chapter.

I am still that person. I keep every step of this journey close to my heart because it has made me who I am, and it has created a business and a life that I am so thankful for, each and every day.

I have incredible clients who not only like what I do, but respect and support my craft. They continue to call on me year after year to capture memories, events, and document life.

Recently I went through my entire photo archive to pull some images for a presentation. When looking at the dates of these photos, I was blown away that my first wedding was in 2005. I tried to think back to that time- I booked the wedding in 2004- I was a sophomore in college. It makes me smile (and laugh, and maybe cringe a little, too) when I think about all the things I would soon learn about weddings, customer service, business… 

It may be twelve years later, but I am still learning. Photography and technology have changed so much since 2004. Business models have changed. Clients needs, wants and expectations have changed. These are all good things, but all items that continue to keep me on my toes and growing as a business owner and as a person.

Please know I value each one of you- clients, wedding vendors, friends… you all help keep this business and dream going.

So I am writing you to say thank you.
Thanks you for your support.
Thanks for your guidance.
Your constructive criticism.
Your suggestions.
Your cheerleading.
Your continued trust and business.

Here’s to a fantastic year and to twelve more fabulous years of Mary Kate McKenna Photography.




Mary Kate Battles
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