Lifestyle Shoot with Christina!

I love when I get to see former clients…
especially when they are wielding cameras! 🙂

Say hello to the lovely Christina!  She was actually a bride of mine in October of 2007.  We had such a good time. Christina actually got a nice DSLR as a wedding present from Brad- my kind of guy! 🙂  Yes, she shoots Nikon, but I’m not a hater!  It’s all about what you’re comfortable with. 🙂
Ever since their honeymoon, Christina has been snapping away and recently she started her own website and blog!  She wanted to have a few shots for her new website and because she’s always behind the camera and never in front (hmmm… sounds like someone else I know!) so we met in Chinatown and did a mini-shoot.  We thought the Segway training courses going on us were hilarious… you’ll see them in the photos.
Christina, all the best to you and congrats on your new place on the internet! 🙂

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