Kathryn + Brian: Married!


[this post brought to you by technology at its finest- wifi at 30,000 feet!]

Kathryn and Brian were married in late October at the stunning Birkby House in Leesburg, Virginia. I love this place! I also love any excuse to go to Leesburg- it is the cutest town and has amazing shopping! 🙂

What make these two so special is the fact that there love shows, but they are not showboaters about it. It’s quiet, sweet, peaceful love. I loved their small, slow movement towards each others. Sweet glances all evening… it was enough to make to sigh a good sigh 🙂
Kathryn + Brian, I hope you’re enjoying your honeymoon in Hawaii!
they decided to see each other before the ceremony… always a sweet moment!
rain couldn’t keep up from taking cute photos! 🙂
I loved the ring pass-off
Can you even believe these kids?!
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