Kate and Geoff are Married!

Kate + Geoff are Married!
How I ended up photographing this wedding is kind of strange.
OK, follow me here…
In my office days I worked with a guy named Chris.
Chris mentioned one day he had a friend named Kate McKenna.
She was also a photographer.
Huh. Interesting.
::BOOM:: Facebook.
Oh, hello Kate McKenna on Facebook!
Kate McKenna gets engaged!
She books me!
So here I am, Mary Kate McKenna photographing Kate McKenna’s wedding… and we’re not related. Fun, right?! Well, it was. A lot of fun!
Kate + Geoff were married outside of Boston at the Bucksteep Manor, a beautiful placed tucked away in the Berkshires. It’s really a gem!
Kate and Geoff had so many beautiful little details to accompany the day. It was a weekend full of fun, family and friends, and it was perfect for them.
I loved documenting their wedding weekend!
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