Julia & Brad- Mitchellville, Maryland

Julia and Brad are young and in love… and now they’re married! 🙂
Their Sunday afternoon wedding was sooooo romantic and sweet.  The ceremony was very personal with lots of music.  And the musicians weren’t just any musicians- every single person was a close friend- love it!
After the ceremony and dinner, I stole the couple and did some formals… they are crazy in love, so it was a lot of fun. I have sooooo many photos of them kissing!
Once everyone was rockin’ it out on the dance floor, very dark clouds started rolling in, and fast.  It was pretty cool to be in the glass-filled reception room watching all the lightning, but not cool when it was time to leave!
No one was expecting rain, so there were no umbrellas around.  I had three in my car, about two blocks away.  I told the couple I would grab the umbrellas in my car for a price- for a few quick shots of them in the rain with the umbrellas.  They agreed, so I made a run for it.  I came back, totally soaked, but even more excited about the rain photos because there was a fantastic sunset taking place!
Julia and Brad, congrats!  Have blast on your honeymoon in Key West!
Julia is so stinkin’ cute!
Julia and Brad saw each other before the ceremony- look at their faces!  So sweet.

Can you tell she’s excited? 😉
Lots of kisses and a great dip
One of my favorites from the day- Julia sharing a laugh
Their guestbook that I made them with their e-pics!
Rain and an amazing sunset- yay!
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