I’m Going to California Soon… For this Kid:


I can’t even believe it, but my little baby brother is graduating from Berkeley this weekend. I’m in denial. Totally.

Anyway, as I gear up for a few more photo sessions this week, a wedding on Saturday, my flight to California on Sunday, then my trip straight from San Francisco to Chicago for Kevin & Rachel’s wedding, my e-mailing and availability might be less. Forgive me, please!

But don’t worry, my trusty Blackberry is always by my side, [literally- on my nightstand, next to the shower, on the couch. It’s insane.] so if you need something, you can reach me.

So wish me luck. I’m still wondering how I’m going to pack all my photo gear and laptop(s) into my carry-on stuff. This will be fun!

** I stole this photo from Facebook from his friend Nate… clearly my brother’s legs are twice as long as mine.

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