Hi Internet!

I’ve been MIA from the dot com for an entire week.  It’s actually been pretty awesome.  Of course, I haven’t been away from my computer- I’ve edited three weddings!  While that’s great, I still have a few more to go.  But I will be back to my regular blogging on Wednesday.

Right now I’m still in Indiana, enjoying the sun (a little too much- I got burned yesterday!), seeing old friends, and taking photos of my mom’s garden and a local festival.  While it’s been relaxing (kind of) I’m ready to get back to DC and get back to the city… they say “there’s more than corn in Indiana” but that’s pretty much a big fat lie.  There’s corn and soybeans.  Oh, and tractors.

So to tide over all my loyal readers, here are a few photos of my trip… I’ll be making the drive back on Tuesday.  xoxo!
I loooove my GPS!  This is what it said when I pulled into my parent’s driveway.  
Made it in under 10 hours… barely!  
Oh, and ignore that whole “max speed” part… hee hee.

My mom’s flowers at sunset- beautiful!

This isn’t that great of a photo, but it’s rare to see- a hummingbird sitting.  
This guy is really tough to photograph.

Very much my hometown

Good ‘ol country music on a trailer 🙂

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