Happy Birthday Kitties!

It’s time to wish my little nuggets a happy 5th birthday!
I can’t believe these two are five years old!  They are such little loves and I am so happy I have them in my life.  They are both rescues and were a mess when I first got them.  I got Frankie first.  I only wanted one.  But he was so social, and I noticed the first week I got him that he was lonely and missing his brothers and sisters.  So… I got him a friend!  Lilly is from the same rescue but not the same litter.
I don’t know their exact birthdays, but I’m told they were born the first week of March, so that’s when we celebrate… new toys and an extra treat 🙂
Frankie as a baby
Lilly as a wee little one
The two of them- this is one of my fave photos of all time 🙂
Frankie now- he’s a big orange kitty!
Lilly now- a very round and chunky black cat 🙂

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