Guests with Flash

A lot of my clients ask me why I’m so adamant about guests refraining from taking photos while I’m doing formals. In fact, I’m so adamant about it that it’s in my contract.

I know that many aunts and uncles over the years have been upset with me.  I don’t do this to upset those who want to capture special moments.  I understand the want/need to take photos of your family when they are all together, but here’s the problem:



Thanks to Kristen Weaver Photography for this great illustration


Flashes from other cameras really do affect my ability to do my job.

Trust me, I never look forward to telling grandma to put away her point and shoot.  It sucks.

But, the couple hired me to capture the absolute best images, and, in order to do my job, I have to ask everyone else to refrain from taking photos during formals.  Not only because the flash affects my shot, but because people in the photos start to “wander” and stop looking at me.  They are looking at their dad for one photo, then at their cousins taking photos, then at…. well, you get the picture. (ooof, no pun intended, but it works, right?)

I’m really looking forward to my 2012 weddings and hope that this helps my couples (and other couples!) understand why I have certain policies.  After I’m done taking the formal photos, it’s all fair game- snap away!


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