Give My Heart.

"What can I give him, poor as I am?
If I were a shepherd, I would bring a lamb
if I were a Wise Man, I would do my part
yet what I can I give him:
give my heart."

The above lyrics are from my absolute favorite Christmas song, "In The Bleak Midwinter." Though I'm not particularly religious, ever since I was a young girl in Catholic school, I have loved this song, particularly these words, which are at the very end of the song.

As a person, we only have so much to give.

A certain amount of money.
A certain amount of time.
Even a limited amount of talent.

At some point, the only thing you have left to give is your heart. That's it. Showing your love and giving people everything you have.

A quiet moment between a bride and her grandmother.
Caitlin's father getting choked up welcoming guests to his daughter's wedding.
Little Adam kissing his mom unexpectedly during a lifestyle session.
Witnessing history being made in Virginia when Gretchen + Erin said "I do."
Listening to a five year old girl tell me she gave up toys for her birthday to help save animals.
Watching crazily dressed people plunge into the bay to raise money for the Special Olympics.
Experiencing a new culture and tradition at Rend + Hayder's wedding.
Having state park police chase me and my couple as we ran around the monuments in chilly February.
Being a part of a special Mohegan baby blessing.
Photographing past co-workers head over heels in love.
Spending time with a very special boy, Seamus, who is beyond his years. An old soul.
Laughing and running around college campuses with so many great couples.
Learning exactly what lacrosse is by photographing the best of the best in the sport.
Giggling right along with the little ones when I do something silly during a session.
Shooting so many best friends and solidifying my belief in soul mates.

I am so humbled that I am allowed into so many of your hearts- as clients, as friends, as family. I am able to experience so many incredible moments. Intimate, wonderful, beautiful moments. Each experience, no matter how small, has affected me deeply. I reminisce about these moments frequently.

One part I love about my job is that it is always different. Tuesday I could be photographing a Republican politician on the Hill, Thursday I could be photographing a concert at the Kennedy Center, Friday I could be shooting fundraising gala and on and Saturday I could photographing the union of a same-sex couple. I *love* that. I love that I get to experience and share my heart and passion for photography with everyone. I get to make so many truly lovely connections with people from all over the world. I learn so much from all of them. Learning new things and meeting people who are vastly different from me is so exciting.

On this very special holiday, I just want to let all my fantastic readers know that I greatly appreciate you giving me access to your lives and in turn, letting me give you the only thing I really have- my heart!



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