Frederick, The Election, and a New Family Member

Hi Internet!!!  It’s me, Mary Kate!  I’m back! 🙂

I’m almost all moved in to my new digs in Frederick- there are still quite a few boxes lingering in each room, but I am hoping to power through them today.  It feels good to be in a bigger place and I am excited to have a nice home office to get all my work done.  I’ll post photos in the next few weeks, once everything is in order.
I will start back to work as usual tomorrow, so if you’re expecting an e-mail, a call, or anything else, you should get it very soon.
I drove back down to Silver Spring to vote yesterday and I couldn’t have been more excited to cast my ballot.  This was such a big election, and I am so proud of all my friends who voted.  Being a first generation American, I see voting not only a right, but a huge responsibility.  Even if Maryland wasn’t a battleground state, it didn’t matter- voting is something I don’t mess around with, and I am so glad that soooo many others felt the same way!
And just to add to the chaos of my life right now… please welcome Gordon!!!
Yes, we adopted a puppy!  We’ve named him Gordon.  He is 15 weeks old and is so, so wonderful.  He’s a snuggler, a total loverboy, very funny, and incredibly sweet.  He’s been such a joy to have around, and you’ll be seeing more of this little guy on this blog, I’m sure.
OK, I try to be partisan on this blog, but I couldn’t resist getting Gordon this shirt!!!
It is very hard to deny him anything he wants- those eyes!

Joe walking Gordon on Election Day
Gordon is now the king of the fancy beanbag chair! 🙂

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