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I had the opportunity to be on the other side of the lens a few weeks ago for a story that was published in the January issue of Frederick Magazine.


While the article says, that I love what I do because I can, “work whenever I want,” it’s a little deeper than that.

I love what I do because I get to tell the stories of amazing people, but also because of the flexibility in my schedule. Yes, I can *work* whenever I want (kind of…) but more than that, I can volunteer whenever I want to, be with a friend in need whenever I want to, go home and see my family whenever I want to, take a two hour lunch with fellow entrepreneurs… those are the things that really matter to me.



I refuse to spend my entire life working hard in the hustle and not enjoying myself along the way. Life it too short and unpredictable for that. Find something you love, make it work for your lifestyle, and live your damn life.

No amount of money, no specific car, no amount of square footage in a house, no specific label on your clothes is going to “fill you up.” Your family, your friends, those special connections between people you make along the way… that’s what fills you up. It’s what fires me up every single day. It’s what makes me want to do more, be more, see more, give more.

So yes, this article says I can “work whenever I want” but that’s just the baseline of it all. There’s so much more to why I do what I do.

A big thanks to Turner Photography for a great session, EnMasse for the beautiful bouquet, and Meghan for being my stand-in bride for the shoot.

:: You can read the article here

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