Farewell to Talos

Goofy, silly, awesome Talos.

Talos has completed his first round of training as a service dog with Laurie Luck of Smart Dog University and is preparing for the next round in Charlottesville. I know I’m not alone when I say how much we will miss seeing him all over Frederick!
Talos is a huge Great Dane- weighing in at 155. And, get this, they think he still has a few pounds to go, and he might even get taller!
So before he leaves us in June, Laurie decided she had to get a few last photos of him to capture his goofy, dopey and very sweet personality. I was happy to do it.
Talos, we love you and we hope you do wonderful things! Laurie, thank you for pouring so much of yourself into Talos and all that he will be to someone.
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