Family Comes First

Hey everyone.  I’ve spent the last few days editing, packing up CD’s and DVD’s, and wrapping up the wedding season.  I have also spent many hours on the phone with my parents, who are both currently very down and out.
Two weeks ago, my dad had double knee replacement surgery.  The surgery went well, but he got a small infection in one of his legs.  Also, no one expected his recovery to be so difficult.  My mom has had to bear the brunt of this- helping him in every way possible.  However, if you’ve ever met my mom, you know she is 4’10″… my dad is a big guy, at over 6 foot.  This weekend, while helping him, she herself became very injured.
So what I’m saying here is…. both of my parents are currently in wheelchairs!
Our friends and family who live in Chesterton have been so kind and helpful.  One of my dearest friends from high school (Hi Lindsey!) has been incredibly amazing and has helped out my parents a lot.  But now it’s time for me to go and help. So many friends have called or e-mailed letting me know they are available to help out too, and for that I am so grateful.  But I can’t expect friends to do all the work.
So on Thursday I’ll make the 10 hour drive to Chesterton and stay there until Thanksgiving, when I board a flight to Mexico for my last wedding of the year.
Wish me luck (I’ll have the puppy with me- eek!) and send good thoughts to my family!

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