Erica & Jeff- Columbia, Maryland

Erica and Jeff… what a couple!

The day began with Erica getting ready with all her girlfriends and family at home. Everyone was in such good spirits, despite the early time of day. Erica’s excitement was hard to ignore. She smiled all day!

One of my favorite parts of the day was when Erica got ready and got a wedding day present from Jeff. He actually gave her the same card that she got him! How sweet is that?! She got a beautiful necklace and a set of matching earrings, which she immediately put on. Jeff, you did good!

The ceremony was short and sweet, with an incredible harpist playing. And there was no stopping Erica on the dance floor. From the first song to the last song, she was totally in the zone.

There was a crazy fight for both the garter and the bouquet, which ended up with several guests tossed into the grass… it was hilarious.

E&J, thank you for letting Jaime and I be a part of your day- it was a blast! I know your honeymoon isn’t for a couple of months, but enjoy it!

A bit of champagne while getting ready
I love this picture! Erica’s Maid of Honor getting her hair done… she said it was painful.

Erica reading the card from Jeff- she gave him the exact same one!

The Ceremony

Have you ever seen someone more excited to get a ring on their finger?!

How cute is Erica?!

The yummy cake- red velvet!

Last dance…
Another view of the last dance… this one could be my favorite

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