Dogs, Dogs, Dogs, and One More Dog

If you haven’t noticed by now (I think it’s safe to say you have) I adore all animals, but have a special affinity for dogs. I especially love the big ones. The bigger the better!

So when I had the chance to photograph four big, beautiful pups, I jumped on it.

Let me introduce you to Lily, Talos, Tango and Nemo. They belong to Laurie Luck, the owner of Smart Dog University. And I might be a little biased, but I think she’s a GREAT trainer- Molly is currently enrolled in her puppy class.

And, Laurie has a great blog. Yesterday she wrote about our photo session and a scary few moments we had when an unleashed dog came tearing through our session. There was nothing we could do but hope the dog not on a leash was friendly and the owner could call them back. Luckily that was the case and after a few minutes, all the dogs settled down. Lesson learned: LEASHES AREN’T OPTIONAL! When you’re in a park, leash ’em up, for the sake of others and the safety of your pups.
OK, enough lessons! On to some photos of cuteness!
Talos! He’s still a puppy and weighs in at 110 pounds! He’s going to get BIGGER!
Tango, a sweetheart of a lab!
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