Chesterton, Indiana

Chesterton, Indiana is located at 41°36′15″N, 87°3′30″W.

According to the United States Census Bureau, the town has a total area of 8.6 square miles. Just north of the town is Indiana Dunes State Park. Most of the town is flat.

As of the census of 2000, there were 10,488 people, 4,039 households, and 2,879 families residing in the town.

Famous people from Chesterton: Comedian Jim Gaffigan, Former MLB player Mickey Morandini, Former Pittsburgh Pirates manager and current Detroit Tigers 3rd Base Coach Lloyd McClendon, Magician Brian Franzen.
When I was in high school my number one goal was getting the heck out of this little town.  
I started counting down the days until college my junior year.  I didn’t like that everyone knew everyone- when I went to the grocery store people knew what my score was at my last match, that elementary school teachers knew how I was doing in algebra (terrible), and that the entire town knew who my prom date was.
And now… well, it’s pretty much the same.  When I flew in last night, we picked up my mom’s cat from the vet and everyone in the waiting room knew that I was living in DC, working as a freelance photographer.  ::sigh:: some things never change.

But this is a good town.  It’s full of hard working people, many who make the 1+ hour commute to Chicago everyday to work (my dad included), many who work in the steel mills that keep this town afloat, and other who work as teachers (my mom among them), nurses, and in the construction business.

One of the best known groups in Chesterton: the firefighters.  They get there fast, get things done, and have great personalities.  When they aren’t out on call, they sit out in front of the fire house, in their folding beach chairs, watching the town go by on the busiest downtown street.  And there’s one guy you’ll always see out there in front of our fire house: Kevin.
Oh, Kevin.  
I met Kevin a long, long time ago, sometime in middle school.  His brother, Cole, is one of my best buddies on Earth.  Kevin is the older brother that everyone wishes they had.  And to most of us, he is the big brother we never had.
Kevin knows EVERYONE in this damn town.  I’m not saying he knows most people, I’m saying he knows freaking everyone.  Many people refer to him as the “Mayor of Chesterton,” because he knows everything about the town, how it runs, and everyone in it.  It’s true.  Believe me.
Kevin helped with all my birthday parties, helped my parents move big pieces of furniture, and came over once at 1am to help me strategically place clothes, books, and furniture in my car as I headed off to college.  He’s a great guy.
I knew that when he finally got married to Rachel (this was inevitable and just a matter of time)  it would be a huge event.  And it is.  HUUUUUGE.  And I feel very lucky to be the person who gets to document it this weekend.  Cole is the best man, all my teachers will be there and some of my best friends will be there.  I’m excited.  
And, I don’t think I even have to say it, but this is going to be one hell of a party!
Kevin and Rachel, almost two years ago, at the Chesterton Firehouse
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