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When you have 1% battery life left on your phone, and you use it till it dies, it takes FOREVER to turn back on, even to get to 1%.

I kind of work the same way.

I have been working my butt off lately in every aspect of my life.


I’m in the middle of some ridiculously big goals, which requires a crazy amount of focus. But if I’ve learned anything over the last 12 years of being a business owner, it’s that if you hustle too hard and grind yourself down too much, it’s nearly impossible to be a good biz owner/friend/spouse/human. You get so wound up in what you’re doing, you lose the “why.” You’re so close to it that the why becomes lost in the motion of just getting things done.

I have been forcing myself to take time outs. To spend a few minutes doing things that don’t require too much brain power- snuggling my dogs, reading a (non-business) book for 30 minutes, taking a power nap, watching the snow fall. From the outside it may look like I’m wasting precious work hours, I know better. I’m charging my batteries. I’m finding my focus. Remembering my “why.” Just like our phones, if I can plug in and recharge before I get to 1%, I don’t need a stop in the action- I can just keep moving.

During one of my breaks today I read a short article that the @laracaseyshop shared about Clearing the Clutter for #FreshStartSpring. It involved clearing all kinds of clutter- social media/digital, your workspace, mental clutter, everything. It also mentioned making room for “rest space.” “We also need places to dedicated to rest, where no phones, to do lists, or busyness is allowed.” I realized that through this journey of learning how to charge my batteries before I get to the point of going dead, I have created that spot. It’s in a bedroom in our house where I do stationery/product shoots. There’s a chair in the corner w/ my favorite piece of artwork above it. I sit in that chair to read, write, & reflect. I don’t allow electronics in that chair. It’s my safe space. It’s not a big area, but it’s just enough to get the job done.

I hope you all have (or create!) a “rest space” in your home. It really helps me to stay fired up and continue in the direction of my goals.

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