Cara & Greg- Leesburg, Virginia

When I arrived at the Birkby House yesterday afternoon, Cara was running around setting all the flowers up.  This is how I’ve seen her every time we’ve met.

About three years ago, I met Cara at a wedding in Virginia where she had done the flowers.  I was so impressed by her arrangements and bouquets, I asked for her card.  We kept in touch, and here we were, a few years later!  But the great thing was that I just saw Cara, three weeks ago, at Sarah and Ross’ wedding– Ross is her brother!  She did all the flowers for them too, and now here she was doing the flowers for her own wedding!  The most amazing part- she does this part time.  Yeah, she’s awesome.
As Cara finished up everything outside, the sky started to go gray.  And then reaaaaally gray.  And that’s when the heavens parted.  And it rained.  And the thunder and lightning.  And then it hailed.  
This is where Sarah stepped up and did her sisterly duties- she ran out and picked up all the arrangements before they got smashed up.  This girl was soaking wet!  But she got them all and that was great, because it didn’t stop… until right before the ceremony.
Because everything was so wet, they decided to get rid of the chairs and have a short ceremony outside before it rained again.  And it worked.  It was sweet and lovely and we even had time to do a few fun photos of just the two of them before the skies parted once again.
After the reception, I followed them back to their hotel and did a few shots at the Marriott- funny enough, Cara knew the bride who was getting married there that night and stopped in to their reception.
Cara and Greg- I had a great time with you guys- you had a fabulous wedding and I’m so glad I got to be a part of it.  Have an amazing time in Spain on your honeymoon!
Time to rest up- wedding tomorrow, too!
sooooo beautiful!
The details were stunning
Go Sarah!  I snapped this right before it began to hail.
Cute cute cute little nuggets!
I can’t believe she did these flowers!
Mother of the bride looks on
This is too funny
Had to use the rain somehow
Here it comes again
You might notice that her dress is different… it is!  Costume change!
A few more photos in the great light
Greg and his new dad laughin‘ it up
Loved the gifts- candy with their names!
Ice bar- how cool is this?
The cake got a little out of hand…
Greg got her back
Some sweet photos at the Marriott

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