Broken Wings and Knees

It’s been a tough and trying week for me.  Taking care of two parents who are post-surgery isn’t easy.  Between my mom and dad, they have one good leg.
Doing everything from making meals, feeding the animals, driving to physical therapy and doctor appointments, picking up medication, fielding phone calls from well-wishers…. I have a new, very deep appreciation for at-home care givers.  It’s not easy.  Aside from running around the house and around town, it was really hard to see both my parents in so much pain.  They are both still hurting quite a bit.
We had our Thanksgiving today, because tomorrow morning I’ll be headed to Mexico to join my good friend and photog Kim in Mexico to shoot a wonderful wedding.  It wasn’t a typical feast- everything was heated up from a frozen box, but I was still glad we did it.  Both my mom and dad hobbled to the kitchen table and ate our somewhat tasty meal, but I was glad to be home, and I was grateful that both of their recoveries have been strong.  It wasn’t the normal McKenna Thanksgiving, but hey, I’ll take it.  Home is home.
I’ll leave you today with two images I took this week.  My mom’s best friend is a vet and takes care of many animals, including injured wildlife.  I couldn’t help but be amazed at these incredible owls.  Both have broken wings, but are making good recoveries.  Aren’t they breathtaking animals?

I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving, and I will be back on here around December 5th!  xo.

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