Being a Tourist in DC

For the past few days, I’ve been a tourist in my own city.  

A few of my high school buddies have been in DC and I’ve given them an interesting tour of the city.  They have all already done the monuments and the typical stuff, so I tried to do some other things…

Like Perry’s very famous (and tasty!) Sunday brunch… 
which includes mimosas and a drag show!  
This is Seren, my 8th grade Farewell Dance Date, with one of the lovely ladies on Sunday morning.
The famous carousel on the mall- Jose, Alex, Justin, and Marissa
The yummy and amazing Clyde’s!  
This is their signature dish at the Georgetown location- the Crab Cake Tower… soooooo tasty!
  You haven’t lived till you’ve tried this.  Seriously.
They leave tomorrow, which gives me just enough time to do a bit more editing and catching up before I head to Sweet Home Chicago (!!!) for the Labor Day weekend.  If you didn’t notice, I’ve got a lot of hometown pride for my Chi-town! 🙂
I couldn’t be more excited to go back to my hometown to BBQ with my honey and his family, visit a few friends, catch a rooftop baseball game with my dad, and see my mom’s new classroom.  It’s gonna be sweet!
What are YOU doing for Labor Day?  Leave me a comment!  I’ll pick a random commenter when I get back and they’ll get a prize!
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