Oooh boy, I am quite behind on blogging, but I promise I’m getting there. I have so much going on right now (all good!) that it’s been difficult to break away from my projects and blog a few of them!
But I just have to show you some babies. Beautiful, wonderful babies.
And yes, I am biased. So what.
Nine weeks ago, my dear friends Kevin + Rachel (I did their wedding in May 2008!) had their first child, Conleigh. I was sad I didn’t get to visit while I was home for Christmas, but was thrilled to snuggle and photograph her this past weekend. She’s a lovely little girl and I’m totally in love.
Cole, Kevin’s brother, is one of my best friends.
It was his birthday this past Sunday, and since he lives in LA,
we took this silly photo for him! 🙂
And now on to Myles! He was soooo tiny last time I saw him… and now he’s a chunky monkey! I love it! Lindsey and I have been friends since 4th grade YMCA basketball. True story.
Look at that face! Ah!
This photo melts my heart every time. To see these two interact makes me soooo happy.
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