Amy + Nate: Married!

Perfect Love.

I think I’ve started this blog entry five times. It’s hard to express how I feel about this wedding, this couple, this family.

Saturday was one of those days where after you pack up your gear, weary and exhausted, hug everyone goodbye, feet barely moving, just shuffling along, getting slowly into your PJs and laying on that stiff hotel bed, where you say to yourself, out loud, “I am so lucky.”

I am so lucky that Amy and Nate are now a part of my life forever. I’m lucky that I was able to witness such beauty between families and friends, and such a deep, wonderful, powerful love between a couple that can literally bring you to tears anytime you think about the way that he looks at her.

People, I weeped. All day. That is not normal.

I am supposed to be the one person who holds it together, documenting every moment. I’m supposed to be the one who has seen it all, who should be immune to the sweetness between a couple on their wedding day. After all, I’ve been witness to 100+ weddings now. Well, I documented every moment, but it was with tears constantly in my eyes, and a smile on my face.

Amy and Nate have that love that we all think is just in the movies. The way they look at one another is unbelievable, and cannot be properly documented, no matter how good you are. It just can’t. But I did give it my all. And when I look at the images, I start to tear up again, because it’s just so special.

These two got married on St. Michael’s Island at a place called The Oaks Country Inn, a beautiful little spot tucked away from the main roads. It’s a stunning venuez, with beautiful old barns, a dock, and a gorgeous ball room.

This wedding wouldn’t have been nearly as fantastic without my AWESOME second shooter, Jessi Ringer. Jessi, you rock so much!

Amy and Nate… it was such an honor. Truly. Please enjoy every second of your honeymoon- Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia!

Amy was so excited to put her dress on- you can see why- WOW.
I loved her dad’s reaction to seeing her in the dress
the ceremony begins with some amazing celtic music
Nate at the altar
OK, this is the part where I lost it…
lost it more…
…aaand I’m spent. weeping like a baby.
oh man. I warned you. so incredibly sweet.
a proud mamma looking on
party time!
we had great spots to work with
my fave from all day
look at this place!
Nate’s two loves- chimney sweeps and firefighting!
six pence from Amy’s dad
first dance
toasts (I lost it during these, too)
Nate and his mom
Getting the garter
Hey Hon! Great party! 🙂
I loved all the Hon stuff! Perfect for this Baltimore couple 🙂
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