Adventures in Wedding Planning, Volume 1

[every once in awhile, I’ll be posting my experience on the other side of the wedding industry- being a bride!]
Trying to make the best of the gloomy weather, today my friend Kate and I hopped in the car with Joe and made our way to Downtown Frederick, a short drive from our new house.
Kate and I were on a mission (poor Joe was along for the ride!)- a mission to find wedding centerpieces that were not only cute, but eco-friendly and nice on the budget.  Since Kate and I have similar tastes and we’re getting married 20 days apart, we figured we could *share* centerpieces (don’t tell our guests, internet!) and man oh man, we were right.
Downtown Frederick has so many wonderful antique stores- so many places to explore!  So Kate and I began our mission with an idea, a budget, and a strong and patient man to carry our purchases.

We both thought it would take a couple months of scanning the antiques stores in town to find all the pieces we wanted, but we got them all today! 

Kate and I raced around each store, scanning each booth for exactly what we wanted, and were giddy when we found perfect pieces.  Joe may never admit it, but he got into it, too 🙂

Goal: antique jars and bottles for centerpieces
Need: approx. 46
Budget: no more than $4 for each

Final cost was $127- that’s $63.50 a person for all our centerpieces… which calculates to approx. $1.40 a jar a person! (or about $2.75 a piece)

Some of them need to be cleaned up, and that will be our next project.  Hooray for fun, eco-friendly, inexpensive and totally awesome centerpieces!
I wanted to share our find because it’s not only great on the wallet, but we had SO MUCH FUN.  Kate and I are both starting our planning a year out (13 months for me!) but we’re hoping this way we can do things slower and enjoy everything.  Of course, not everyone has a lot of time, but enjoy the process anyway!  Don’t sweat the small stuff!  🙂
What’s your great DIY idea, wedding or otherwise?  Share it with everyone in the comments!
some of the great stuff I saw today… so neat!
I loved these colorful buckets!
This is Lilly, our chubby kitty on Joe’s find of the day- a great chest to store blankets in!
I had to try out our jars- and Lilly was a perfect model (such a ham today!)
All our jars- Kate and I had a total blast picking each and every vase out- a very fun rainy afternoon activity!
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