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Hey there! I'm Mary Kate, but most people just call me MK.

In a high school darkroom in small-town Indiana, I found my first true love- photography. I furthered my interest in photojournalism when I studied International Relations at American University in DC. I didn't become a Japanese translator as I had planned, but I did get to travel the world and experience some amazing things.


I started my business in 2004- in my dorm room. I began to photograph the kids I babysat. And then their parents told other parents. And not long after I was doing weddings and corporate events.


I got hooked capturing people and traditions and by my senior year at AU, I had made it nearly a full-time job. A year-long gig as a cubicle monkey for the government made it clear to me that owning my own business was the right path. And so here I am.


One of the most rewarding parts of my job is watching couples, families and businesses grow. I love when I meet an engaged couple and a few years later I'm photographing their babies. It's truly an honor and I have a passion for documenting these milestones.

My Family

My husband Joe and I met in high school. We were speech and debate partners. (yep, so nerdy.) Little did I know that 15+ years later we'd meet up for a beer and it would change everything. Six months after we began dating, Joe and I got married. I have to say, it was a pretty good decision. Side note: I made him the best man cave ever. Don't believe me? See it on CNN!


After nearly nine years of struggles and fertility treatments, we welcomed baby Max into our family in September of 2018. Infertility robs you of many joyous things, but I have made it my mission to be vocal and talk about our journey through IVF and beyond- because it's important, it matters and 1 in 8 couples suffer.

My Pups

Animals have always been a huge part of my life. Rescuing, fostering, and adopting was something I grew up around. We now have three pups of our own- Molly, Henry and Bety. Each has a unique personality all their own. And yes, it’s a zoo around here.

My Town

Full of small, beautiful stores and creative businesses, we have made some wonderful connections here. Joe and I have planted our roots in this sweet town, and have been proud to call this place home for the last five years. I love it so much that I created a curated wedding resource for couples getting married in Frederick County with two of my best friends.

I am also a member of one of the local Rotary clubs (Rotary Club of Carroll Creek) and donate my time to several incredible non-profits.


I also did a year-long project last year documenting the beautiful Doors of Frederick.

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p:202-213-1272 e:mk@mkmckenna.com

If you'd like to book a project or have questions, you can reach me by email or phone. I respond to messages within 1 business day.

About Mary Kate

Mary Kate McKenna Photography is located in Downtown Frederick, Maryland. MK specializes in documenting families, business and events. This could mean a lifestyle session with your newborn, documenting a birthday party, or editorial photos of your business, including custom stock imagery or headshots. Our strength is in highlighting people and places in a natural, unposed way. Send a note to chat about how we can help with your photography needs.