A Wrap Up Before I Pack Up!

In less than 72 hours, I’ll be packing up (ok, *I* won’t be packing, the packers will be packing, but still!) my place here in Frederick and moving a whole half a mile to a townhouse… I can actually see our new place from the balcony of my current place!
With the move comes the dreaded Comcast unhooking of The Dot Com, which means I may be slow to return your e-mails for a few days.  The actual move is Thursday, but it’s starting to get a bit crazy here (Overstock.com, I love you, but your boxes are HUGE and we are now sitting on said boxes to eat breakfast) and so while I’ll do everything I can to get back to you asap, just know I’m running a bit behind!
That being said, here’s a wrap up of my life right now…

Go Eagles! 🙂  As an alumnus of American U, I was very happy to hear AU made the tournament again this year- two years in a row!  Last year I was in Burma, so I didn’t get to celebrate, but now I can!  Yeah, so what if they’re a 14 seed?  “Once an Eagle, Always an Eagle!”
One of my newest album offerings is here!  Say hello to the beautiful Bordeaux!
Isn’t she pretty?!
The design for this one will be clean and simple, one image on a page, you pick the border.

Lastly, an update on Mr. Gordon… he is still a puppy… very much still a puppy.  While we adore his antics and laugh so hard when he’s being silly, he gets into a lot of trouble.  a lot.  Who knew eight pounds could be so naughty?  Here is a photo of Gordon after he got into something…

And here is a photo of Gordon being a very good little boy… laying on the couch with his papa, watching college basketball

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