A Published Author?

Yes, it’s true.
Many years ago, when I was thirteen, I wrote a story about my two pet mice. It was picked up by an author and was published in a book when I was fifteen. I got to sign books in Indianapolis (the big time!) and could say I was an actual author. Pretty cool for someone who didn’t even have a driver’s license yet.
Fast forward ten years and the book has been republished and reprinted. It’s bigger, nicer, and has a lot more stories in it, but mine’s still in there! It’s kind of funny to read what I wrote when I was in middle school, but the story still brings back memories.
Basically, it’s the story of how when my mouse Lucky passed away, my other mouse was so sad and upset, that in a few days, she passed away as well. Sure, they were only mice, but to watch this tiny mouse grieve and mourn the loss of her friend was just heart breaking. Everyone in my family was touched by it.
So anyway, the book is out again and is in all the big stores. It’s called Angel Animals, so if you see it, flip to page 277, giggle, and say to yourself, “hey that’s my wedding photographer!”

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