A Big, Huge, Giant Wrap Up!

So I’m leaving on Wednesday and I can’t believe it. I have A LOT of things to do, but I wanted to mention a few things before I ship outta here…

  • Plunging Hons– Jaime, my incredibly talented friend and photog extraordinaire, is going to be photographing this amazing event- and it’s all for a good cause- I highly suggest attending. And even if you don’t want to take the plunge, please think about making a donation. I wish I could go!
  • A huge thank you to Crystal & Edwin for sending me a very yummy Edible Arrangement! Is there anything better than coming home after a long day and having chocolate covered strawberries at your door?! [the answer is no, btw]
  • Another thank you to all of you that suggested books to me! I am very much looking forward to reading them!
  • I will begin meeting with 2009 brides in February- get excited!!! If you are a ’09 bride or know someone who is getting married, make sure that they have an e-mail into me soon- looks like June and October are going to fill up very fast.
  • On Thursday I chopped off seven inches of my hair. I looooove it! It’s still long enough to put into a ponytail but doesn’t take forever to dry. My stylist is absolutely awesome and I would highly recommend that you go and see Boy Sharp of Citrine Salon in Bethesda if you are looking to change up your hair. Not only is he a fab stylist who listens to what you want, but he’s considered among the best colorists in DC. And he’s one of the sweetest guys ever to boot! Tell him the short blonde [crazy] photog sent you.
  • I am in the process of updating my website, but won’t be done until the end of February. Please hang in there with me as things go missing and new things are added! It’ll be worth it.

For those of you who weren’t around when I announced that I was going on this trip, take a look here for the background on it. I am very honored and humbled by this opportunity and I plan on getting as much out of it as I can. When I was in high school, I studied Steve McCurry’s work in books and could only dream of meeting from him, let alone learning from him. In the past few weeks I have spotted his work everywhere. All I can do is smile and hope that I can funnel a teeny bit of his knowledge and insight into my own work.

While I am there, I will not be able to blog or check e-mail. Internet is very hard to come by, and when you can, it is 1) very expensive and 2) monitored by the government.

I have chosen not to use the internet while I’m there, especially my e-mail, because I have US Campaign for Burma contacts in my folders, and if the government were able to see them, it could compromise their safety and mine. I know, it sounds scary, but it’s very true. Just last week a kid in Burma was arrested for singing a political song. If you are curious about the political situation in Burma, I encourage you to check out US Campaign’s website: http://uscampaignforburma.org/

I may post one more time before I go, so be on the lookout. I will be replying to all the e-mails currently in my inbox this afternoon and tomorrow, and then I’ll be packing up. Wish me luck on this journey, and I will be sure to share lots of pictures and stories when I return.

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